Birthday on record

Reflect on your journey, however far you've travelled

Birthdays are a moment to stop and reflect on life. In this recording we will interview you on [or near] a big one: 21st, 30th, 50th or beyond to capture you and your story so far. In a long form interview that we'll seamlessly edit, we'll aim to uncover how you ended up where you are today, what your biggest decisions have been, the good bits and the hard bits of life, and what your greatest ambitions are.

Whether it's a 21st present from parents wanting to celebrate your transition to adulthood, or a 70th birthday present from adoring grandchildren hoping to capture the family stories they love hearing, a Birthday On Record is always a present for you as well as your family.


PRICE – £1500

To order your Birthday On Record
Call: 020 7228 2950



Sample soundbites